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Congratulations! You have delivered your baby and you’ve just about recovered from a fascinating, captivating birthing experience that will most likely live with you for a long time!  You’ve chosen your baby’s name and you’re more than ready to take that journey home as a family to settle down into your new routine.  Both an exhilarating and baffling time for both new and already accustomed mummies and daddies.  But now comes an important decision – how to choose a newborn photographer?

The first few days and weeks of your newborns’ presence will fly by and as newborn photographers and parents of young children ourselves we can really relate to this.  We appreciate the value and importance of wanting to capture and treasure these moments forever as they are so precious and timeless but slip away so quickly.   That’s why today I’m hoping to help you understand and the importance of why you should use a professional photographer and supply hints and tips on finding one suitable that will capture everlasting memories of your Little Gem.

Tips for How to choose a newborn photographer

  1. How to choose a newborn photographer - Bronze award

    Bronze award – newborn photography

    A professional photographer should always have a portfolio available for you to view which involves showing their presented work in an organised way.  It should show their style and the skills they’ve used in order to produce a certain picture.  It might include the photographers’ qualifications, professional body memberships such as BANPAS and the Guild of Photographers, courses they have trained on and awards which they may have won.  It should also show their creativity, composition and the time and effort they’ve put into post processing to get your pictures to a high standard and make their work dazzle and stand out from the rest. From their portfolio you can see if their work is consistent and that they are not just showing you their best pictures!  Looking at a number of websites is a good start to finding your perfect photographer as it immediately gives a sense of appeal of the kind of style and quality you like – this allows you to decide if they’re right for you and provide you with those stunning end products you want from your shoot. Talk to other people, friends and work colleagues – see who they’ve used and who they would recommend.   Narrow down your favourite photographers and give them a call.  It’s a really good idea to have a chat to see if you feel a connection with them as you will need to be able to trust them with your baby and its good to see if you like them as you are more than likely going to be spending a few hours in their presence during a baby shoot, where you want to feel relaxed and at ease.

  2. The photographer should be able to express to you how experienced and organised they are and how the structure of their shoot runs.  Ask to see any testimonials that other clients have written.
How to choose a newborn photographer - Composite example - safe newborn photography

Composite example – safe newborn photography

One of the most important things to consider is safety. Ask how the photographer ensures the safety of your baby when posing. Ask to see what their composite work is like – this is the combining of two or more images in (for example) Photoshop to edit out the safety features present at the time like a supporting hand or finger, or giving the impression of being off the ground when in fact the baby was not. Your photographer should be able to provide before and after shots, showing you how they address this. There should be no question of any of these techniques being ‘trade secrets’ – “Safety Not Secrets” is a rule that any good newborn photographer must promote.

  • Think about the degree of service, products and quality you wish for – is it prints, digital files or canvases? Check that they can produce what you want from your shoot in the time given.  The photographer should be able to explain packages on offer to you and talk over what the shoot will entail e.g. how long it might take and any challenges that might occur during the shoot and how they plan for them.   What kind of props they might use, and backdrop choice.   Ask about post editing and is it included in the price or are there extra fees.  Does the session time give the photographer ample opportunity to produce what you want from the session?
  • Budget for most is an important factor on which photographer to choose and use. Is cheap always bad? Not necessarily, but it’s worth bearing in mind that with photography, more so than any other service, it is a demonstrable fact that you most definitely get what you pay for! Also photographers should be open about their pricing – it should be clear and easy to find with no hidden charges.  Some photographers may charge extra for special edits or mobile shoots with transport cover costs, so make sure you ask about this.
  • As photographers here at Little Gems I hope that reading the above has helped make a difference to you and the way you might think about how to choose a newborn photographer.

    How to choose a newborn photographer - products

    Presentation USB

    Feel free to browse through our portfolio which shows our style of work and the  high quality pictures. Have a look at the products and packages we provide and please do ask any questions about this – either in the comments below, by using our Contact page or even on our Facebook page.  Our own session structure is based on around 2 hours for maternity (partners and siblings can be included) and 2-4 hours for a newborn using a number of different props and backgrounds – again, siblings and partners are welcome to come to these shoots too. You may think 4 hours for a newborn shoot is a long time, but this gives us adequate time to address all the elements which make up a newborn photography session – props, lighting set ups, safety, posing, baby feeding, nappy changes and even cuddle time! We will be publishing an article on Newborn photography sessions – What to expect and why our prices are what they are very soon so check back with us to read it!

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