Harry’s newborn photography session

Little baby Harry came to us at exactly 2 weeks old for his newborn photography session. After arriving in the world on 22nd May at 13:30 in Yeovil, weighing 5lbs and 15oz, he was still fairly diddy when he got to us! After getting the teas in and an initial chat about what we would be doing we started working with Harry and his parents, Fiona and Chris, to provide some great images for them.

All newborn babies are different when they come to us for their photography session. As we don’t do a ‘quick’ newborn session, but rather prefer to take our time with settling, posing, keeping baby safe and secure and working in different poses, backgrounds and props (according to parents’ preferences) it can sometimes take up to 4 hours to complete a newborn session – we always find this is time well spent and all goes towards the experience we want to provide for our clients.

Some babies sleep through a lot of the session, whilst others take a while to settle – Harry was one of the latter! We never worry about this and try to let parents know not to stress about it – the little ones will invariable settle eventually! After a while we started getting some images of Harry, including one of him in a (slightly oversized!) flat cap at the request of Fiona and Chris.

We have a vast array of props and hats to use, but encourage parents to bring along anything of sentimental value that they particularly want in the session – in this case it was a turtle outfit, due to Harry’s bump name! He looked really cute in it:

Harry was a hungry little man, and with regular feeding (and pooing!) breaks, we got quite a variety of poses and colours. Some of the expressions he pulled were priceless! After doing mainly beanbag shots, we did a lovely teak root bowl image and then finished up with a favourite of mine – tiny baby being held in Dad’s hands

Finally, we bade goodbye to Fiona, Chris and Harry and set about choosing the final images form the session and editing them. We ask the parents to fill out a quick questionnaire in order to give other people an insight into the experience from a parents’ perspective – something which is very important to us. Here’s the reply we got back from Fiona and Chris about their newborn photography session:

Myself and Chris

June 05, 2016

Wow he’s real!!! What an amazing moment

What was your favourite part of your newborn photography session?

Seeing him set up for the pictures, he looked so cute

Tried to keep him awake and wear loose clothes and nappy. Followed recommend guidelines

We were really excited for the shoot. It was however harder than I thought as our little man was very unsettled that day. Still at 3 and a half hours we had no pictures and lots of tears, started to wonder if it was all worth it. Then he eventually played and we got some wonderful pictures.

Don’t worry if baby isn’t playing, the photographers were amazing with him and time was no issue when he needed to feed lots.

Having a loose nappy before!!! During was hard watching him when he was upset.

Thought they were amazing, he looked so good in every picture. We bought all images on USB stick. Friends and family thought they were amazing too.

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  1. sarah December 10, 2016 at 7:54 pm - Reply

    Took my 13 day old daughter Alessia for a photo shoot. Very impressed with the quality of service and the patience of Jim and Sharon. It took my little one 3 hours to settle down but Sharon and Jim where very professional and welcoming. Over all I would recommend there service to anyone who needs good quality photos of their precious little ones to cherish.

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