New referral scheme – what would you like?

We'd like to give something back to our clients, and so we are thinking about starting a referral scheme. What would be most desirable for you if you refer someone (or multiple someones!) and they book a session with us? Please take just a moment to let us know in this poll below: [...]

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How to take better photos of your family

It may seem that writing this article is something of an odd choice for a professional newborn photographer. After all, why would we want you - the client (or potential client) - to know how to take better photos and possibly choose to not use our services? The answer is twofold: We don't look at it in terms [...]

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Harry’s newborn photography session

Little baby Harry came to us at exactly 2 weeks old for his newborn photography session. After arriving in the world on 22nd May at 13:30 in Yeovil, weighing 5lbs and 15oz, he was still fairly diddy when he got to us! After getting the teas in and an initial chat about what we would be doing [...]

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Photo editing – from camera to finished image

We've put together a short summary on how we go about our photo editing process from the picture in the camera to the finished article, and included a quick 2-minute insight into the editing process on a typical image in the video at the bottom. We'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions [...]

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How to choose a newborn photographer – tips and advice

Congratulations! You have delivered your baby and you've just about recovered from a fascinating, captivating birthing experience that will most likely live with you for a long time!  You've chosen your baby's name and you're more than ready to take that journey home as a family to settle down into your new routine.  Both an exhilarating [...]

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Why use a professional newborn photographer?

I was doing some research this week and happened to come across a thread on a 'new mums' forum asking about using a professional newborn photographer - recommendations, suggestions and whether it's a good idea, that sort of thing. I did some more digging and came up with a multitude of posts all essentially asking the [...]

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Newborn photography safety

Newborn photography safety is a subject which is (obviously!) very relevant to us and our clients, but I wanted to just put down a few words to try and highlight the potential issues when it comes to safety when photographing a newborn baby, look at a few common poses and misconceptions about them and let you [...]

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Very proud to have won a Newborn Photography Award

Our recent awards for newborn photography We won not one award but two! We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that we have been awarded a Bronze award for two newborn photography images in a national competition. This is the first time we have entered! We are a member of the Guild of Photographers, [...]

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Charlotte’s newborn photography session

A little while ago we had the absolute pleasure of doing a newborn photography session for little Charlotte. We’d previously done Kat’s maternity photos so were looking forward to meeting Charlotte. We couldn’t have wished for a better behaved little baby! Charlotte was brilliant – sleepy and content with just a couple of breaks for [...]

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