New referral scheme – what would you like?

We'd like to give something back to our clients, and so we are thinking about starting a referral scheme. What would be most desirable for you if you refer someone (or multiple someones!) and they book a session with us? Please take just a moment to let us know in this poll below: [...]

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How to take better photos of your family

It may seem that writing this article is something of an odd choice for a professional newborn photographer. After all, why would we want you - the client (or potential client) - to know how to take better photos and possibly choose to not use our services? The answer is twofold: We don't look at it in terms [...]

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Photo editing – from camera to finished image

We've put together a short summary on how we go about our photo editing process from the picture in the camera to the finished article, and included a quick 2-minute insight into the editing process on a typical image in the video at the bottom. We'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions [...]

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How to choose a newborn photographer – tips and advice

Congratulations! You have delivered your baby and you've just about recovered from a fascinating, captivating birthing experience that will most likely live with you for a long time!  You've chosen your baby's name and you're more than ready to take that journey home as a family to settle down into your new routine.  Both an exhilarating [...]

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Baby names – Inspiration

Exciting times - you're expecting a baby (or two)!  As the weeks go by and the journey of growing a new life becomes real,  as parents-to-be you're going through so many different emotions and life changes.  You're thinking about "what our little gem is going to look like?", "is it a boy or a girl?", "Will [...]

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Tips for calming and soothing newborn babies

Soothing newborn babies. Something that may just help you keep your sanity once your little one has arrived. Calming and soothing newborn babies That most elusive of things for new parents - getting your little one settled and sleepy. Grabbing those precious minutes of rest before the next feed or nappy change! Having a moment [...]

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Why use a professional newborn photographer?

I was doing some research this week and happened to come across a thread on a 'new mums' forum asking about using a professional newborn photographer - recommendations, suggestions and whether it's a good idea, that sort of thing. I did some more digging and came up with a multitude of posts all essentially asking the [...]

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Newborn photography safety

Newborn photography safety is a subject which is (obviously!) very relevant to us and our clients, but I wanted to just put down a few words to try and highlight the potential issues when it comes to safety when photographing a newborn baby, look at a few common poses and misconceptions about them and let you [...]

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Very proud to have won a Newborn Photography Award

Our recent awards for newborn photography We won not one award but two! We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that we have been awarded a Bronze award for two newborn photography images in a national competition. This is the first time we have entered! We are a member of the Guild of Photographers, [...]

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