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Exciting times – you’re expecting a baby (or two)!  As the weeks go by and the journey of growing a new life becomes real,  as parents-to-be you’re going through so many different emotions and life changes.  You’re thinking about “what our little gem is going to look like?”, “is it a boy or a girl?”, “Will they have blue eyes or brown?”, “Will they be born with hair and if so how much?” (might explain this indigestion you’ve been struggling with all these months) and “Who will they resemble – mummy or daddy?”.

My question to you tonight is:

How are you going to find inspiration for your baby’s name, and do you keep it a secret until they have arrived? Or if you’ve already had your little one, where did you get your inspiration and did you keep it secret?

Baby names

Baby names

For most first time parents you might have a couple of baby names lined up as your top choices if you haven’t yet found out the sex of your baby, but how have you got to this stage… I’m intrigued?

Does your inspiration come from a certain time of the year – summer or winter, etc – when certain flowers grow (Poppy), or a place that you have visited and have great memories of (India).  Is it the month of the year that your little one’s name might be influenced by (April) their birth stone with such pretty colours (Amber).  It may well be that mummy has had some really cool cravings throughout her pregnancy which might influence her to choose maybe a fruit (Peaches) or a favourite drink that she may have been deprived of (Chardonnay).

Daddy may well have other ideas – his favourite character from a film (Bruce) or a well know sports personality (David) or favourite musician (Ed).

For some people it could just be a loved one that’s no longer with you – maybe you’d would like to carry their name on in a new life you’ve made!

There’s lots of things to think about when choosing baby names for your little tot. It’s a choice that’s going to live with them and you for a long time – the rest of their life in fact!  It’s maybe more difficult when you’re set on your names but then when you see your little person for the first time you think to yourself that they really don’t look like the name we had in our heads, and it may not match their personality!

Would you be irritated if your child’s name is always being shortened by others, knowing that’s why you didn’t choose that in the first place? (Oliver / Ollie). What about if a nickname is common for the name you’ve chosen – will you be ok with that? (James / Jim)

Did you get creative with the way the name’s spelt to make a common name more interesting? (Sharon / Sharyn)

Please tell us your thoughts on how you got your inspiration in the comments below as we’re most interested! And you never know – you could be helping someone else who’s stuck for baby names!

For the last two years running the most popular boy and girl names are Oliver and Amelia, with the runners-up being Jack, Harry and Jacob for the boys and Olivia, Isla and Emily for the girls. There’s an article here on the BBC website.

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